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Carol and I have been friends for years, and I felt that I had begun to look at other people linkshit do who are on hand to make your husband. One day he asked me if I made ​​a few days relaxing in Spain. I said yes, and I asked my husband if he would mind. Of course, the record always trusting linkshit in man, I said yes. So went to the Costa Blanca. We went to one of these offers all inclusive. We arrived at the hotel in time for dinner. Carol decided we were going linkshit after dinner in town and see what was on offer. I have local facilities such as bars, clubs, etc, we dressed, I noticed a black skirt and blouse and black short, but no bra or panties. I mentioned about the lack of underwear and she said she was so hot, why bother, what should I do the same. So I thought I had before, when my husband and I have a formal dinner and have a long evening dress, hets to try. We had our dinner, run by and followed by more drinks. By the time he left I started feeling a little more relaxed than not wearing anything under my dress Wrapover. Carol said we should do a pub and club crawl. When we arrived at the third club, the drink is going to have the desired effect and Carol thought he could start having some fun. We entered the bar and within seconds there were two handsome guys offered to buy us a drink, duly recognized. We chatted a while and then wereinvited to dance. The dance floor was dark and I was playing a slow dance. When I danced with my husband, I could feel how hard he always kissed my neck and srating aroused. We kissed and he put his hand on my clothes and my breasts Carrese. My nipples really hard. His hand moved down and pushed between the legs, which I linkshit opened. His Fingures were linkshit immediately placed in me and our kiss was more intense. ªs dance ended and we went to the counter. , obviously Carol had a similar experience and suggested to take a taxi back to hotel. Carol and I sat in the back of the taxi, with my husband in the middle. We were barely out of his penis had Carol and jerks away. He put his hand under her skirt and started playing with it. His breahing was fast and I realized it was coming. When we reached the hotel, who had arrived linkshit and was a bit quieter. entered the room and within minutes we were all naked. Carol was raised immediately and told me to lie on the bed while she had fun with the children. Was amazing to see my firend screwed in different positions. Then I was on the line. I've never been with two men at once and have the experience electrifying. Four hours later, the boys left the room. This week presented me. I could not get enough of it and last night we came to an exceptiontion with two new guys that we had picked up, only to discover that the apartment linkshit was shared with four of his friends. That was a night to remember and girls, when you get a chance, go for it.
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